Faxing Made Easy

QatarFax is a service that can provide your company with worry-free, hassle free internet faxing. This service allows you and your employees to send and receive faxes by email. You can send the faxes from a desktop computer, laptop unit, tablet or smartphone. QatarFax has become an extremely popular way to get important documents to people. It has so many benefits that many corporations are getting rid of their expensive fax machines and turning toward this system.

The most apparent way that it can help your business is by saving the company money. Another way that the service can benefit your company is by increasing productivity. The service increases productivity by allowing people to go mobile and fax from their mobile and fax from their mobile devices. This service also allows faster processing of important documentation because the workers do not have to share a fax machine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers. We facilitate our customers to connect and communicate the easiest way, anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

QatarFax vision is to add value to our customer’s communication goals. We see our solutions as our base for our customers to improve their communication solution for customer contact the simple way.

How It Works

Sending and receiving faxes with QatarFax is easy. No installation, no new hardware needed. With QatarFax you can manage your fax messages right from your email.

Your fax number will never be busy. You can receive faxes as easily as you receive emails. You will receive faxes as emails with PDF, JPG or TIFF attachments. You can forward, archive or print out all received faxes. .

Main Advantages;

  • No need for a fax machine
  • Mobility – you can receive faxes anywhere
  • We will assign you a fax number – you can receive faxes from any fax machine.

How do I receive faxes;

  • Dedicated fax number will be assigned that will be immediately ready to receive faxes.
  • You will receive an email after each received

From email - sending faxes is as easy as attaching a file to an email. Simply address your email to efax@qatarfax.com, followed by putting the recipient's fax number to the subject field.

Main Advantages;

  • Nothing to install
  • No need for a phone line
  • All your sent faxes are available in your sent mail folder
  • Sending your fax is as fast as your email, no more waiting by the fax machine

From mobile phone if you need to send fax immediately and you have no computer available, you can also send a fax directly from your mobile phone.

  • Fax directly from your mobile phone
  • No computer needed, fully mobile
  • Any other mobile phones with internet browser supported

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